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14th October 2003

11:45pm: Gomen
As a token of my apologies for not posting in a while......

Ghetto Streetfighter

25th August 2003

11:56pm: My building has every convenience, it's gonna make life easy for me.
Damn peeps...

It's been a little while. Changes changes changes.
Me and the guys are now living in our new apt and it's pretty fuckin' fly. The whole joint is tight. There will be parties galore. It's funny. We've been livin' here for almost a month now and I'm now writing about it. This is old news to alot of you.
Otakon was tight. I took alot off pictures of boobs. Girls just displaying 'em like it was all good. Shit if they are there just waiting to be captured, then that is what I'll do. I missed some great ones unfortunately. So I can't share them with you. I'll do better at Katsucon next year.
Me and the guys agreed to get an artist table there, which will be fun. I just gotta find some motivation to make some good pictures to display when the time comes round.

Well anyway, I'm still alive.

Later cats.

-The Shakir
Current Mood: calm

28th July 2003

2:38am: My head is clear.
Man, it's wierd. I'm facing 2 big moments of my life at the same time. Me breaking away from family and me quite possibly breaking off a piece of it. I really don't care anymore I've had my time to be upset and all that shit. So now it's time to concentrate on the new years resolution of "Happiness"

I refuse to mope, it's a waste of time. I could really be doing something that makes me smile with the same time.

I must say that I'm in love with the receiving job. My God I worked 2 full days at B&N without any damn customers. How sexy is that? No stupid questions like:

- Dumbass who should be shot: "Excuse me do you work here?" (While I'm wearing my name tag)

I had to stop wearing my name tag so the fuckin' question would be justified and so I wouldn't be as pissed off.

(Then the question I'd get if I was ringing up people by myself)

-Impatient Prick in Line: "Can you call for extra help?"

(And the motherfucker's who I'd ring up at the cashier who wouldn't get off of their cell phones for a minute while I was helping them.)

Me: "Your total is $18.20"

Asshole with the phone stuck to his ear: "Yeah I'd say sell it, there's more profitable stock out there. I'm thinking about investing in..... Excuse me how much was the total?"

Me: "Your total is $18.20"

The guy thats still an asshole with a phone at his ear: "Yeah me and Helen are going to Zurich next weekend.... Yeah, you know we go there every year, it's where we met.... I'm sorry how much was it?"

Me: "You die"

Then there are the soccer mom's who bring up all of this shit that they don't need and when I give them the grand total they get all surprised and challenge me as if I rang something wrong.

Me: "Okay Maam after your 12 Thomas the Tank hardcover books, your wooden watch that doesn't tell the time, your reinforcements, and your 50 state quarters binder. Your total with all of this other random stuff that you bought comes to $141.98."

Stupid Soccer Mom that should really use her money to feed her ugly kids: "That can't be right. That sounds like too much. Are you sure you didn't scan something twice?"

Me: "Yes Maam, that's your total."

Soccer Bitch: "No that's not right."

Me: "Here's your receipt maam, argue with the computer it's the one that did the math."

(After scanning the receipt 3x) Apologetic Soccer Bitch: "It does add up I'm sorry"

Me: "I hate you"

Arrgghhh!!! And the bastards who'd write me a check for something like $3

Me: "Your birthday card came to $3.25"

(customer pulls out check book and starts filling it out.)

Me: *sigh* "I'm going to need to see your I.D."

Jerkoff thats never heard of a debit card: "Huh? Oh yah just a sec."
(rummages through personal belongings taking forever and making the line build up)

Waste of human flesh: "I think I left it in my other pants, I swear thats me though. I have a library card will that do?"

Me: "Would you like me to stab you now or later?"

Even the people who would ask to get their books wrapped, once I would start doing it, they would then not say a word and start doing it their way instead while I'm trying to help them.
Oh that was annoying.

Hell I could go on and on.
It all boils down to customers suckin' the throbbiest of cock.

Receiving gets me away from all of that noise. And I get to wear regular duds, listen to my music, and really not have to worry about managers giving me random busy work. Oh man. It's the sexiest. I'd have sex with the room if I could.


That was inappropriate.

I'm going to bed now.

-The Mega Playboy
Current Mood: relieved

23rd July 2003

3:36am: Hmph.
I'm so busy these days. When I'm not at Barne's I'm dishing out cigs, when I'm not at cigs I'm dishing out books at Barnes. It's true, reality does fuckin' bite. But on the one hand I do need this. It's time for me to step up to the plate and grab my overdue independence.
What sucks though is 1/2 of me doesn't want to leave home now. Not to escape the many nuisances of moving out, but because my mother is going to be by herself now. She says that she'll be fine and all that and she's looking forward to slamming the door on my ass when I walk out. But I'm not really sure of how much of that is true. She's notorious for bottling up emotion. So I can really see her being scared right now. It bothers me.

I've been really thinking about picking back up my sketchpad and drawing again. It's been long, really long. The last thing I remember drawing hardcore was that portrait for Jeannie. I haven't been motivated I think because I've been trying to draw comic book style or manga style.. And that's not what I'm good at. I'm a cartoonist. Always have been. I was raised by cartoons practically. Back in the 80's when they were good. I haven't come up with any ideas yet though. I may try to do another comic, but this time in my true style. Maybe I'll be able to finish a page this time.

Otakon is real soon. I'm really looking forward to it. A weekend of no cares. Just me surrounded by what I love. Anime, Art, Games, Friends, and geeky fangirls with big tits.
I should carry a minimum of 5 rolls of film this year. I'm sure the girls from Katsu plus a whole lot more will be arriving. And I'll be waiting.

Good times.

-The Mega Playboy

21st June 2003

2:15am: Yeah so the shit is over... for now.
I just got back home from all of the Harry Potter crazy bullshit. And surprisingly it was mostly a breeze. It seemed really easy to me. the book went on sale at 12:00 midnight, and we got all the jerks and jerkets out of the store in like 40 minutes. Even having my break an hour after getting to the store wasn't all that bad. I was entertained mostly. Not too many problems. The only thing that really got me tonight was actually right before we started selling the book. At 11:59 p.m. I scanned my first customers copy of the book just so I can have it ready in my system. All I would have to do is take their credit card and swipe it and send them on their way. Well the new lead Cashier Corbin immediately goes "Shakir, please don't" with this you should know better look on her face. I told her what I was doing and all she did was give me even more of that shitty look on her face. So I angrilly and sarcastically shot her back that stupid ass look she was giving me. And like a fuckin' middle schooler she sent that look at me again even shitter than the last one. I thought to myself... "I'm so not playing this childish game with you" And turned around and began to handle my business. That shit pissed me off. Because 1. I've never had a problem with Corbin before she always seemed square to me. 2. I hate it when people criticize me and they don't even know what the deal is. You should just mind your own business. 3. I've been with the company for 4 years now, I'm not gonna do something I'm not supposed to. And on top of that I'm sure I've been there longer than she has. Don't tell me how to do my job. Bite me Corbin, you suck. You'll never fill Michaels shoes.


She lost some major cool points during that episode.
But beyond that I must say I had a good time. It was really hard for me to hold back laughter when I hooked up these 2 teenaged girls with a single copy and after I gave them their receipt they hugged the book and started squealing like they were kissed by all of the members of N'Sync. Even and older mother that I sold the book to started yelling out a wail after I gave her the book. I just composed myself so I wouldn't reveal how much of a fuckin' idiot I thought she was.

Robin was decked out really nicely looking like Harry Potter with a 5 o'clock shadow at age 22. And Maya and Heather looked really cute in their Hermione get-ups. And I was rocking my wizard hat cocked to the side like a pimp. Good times.
Well I'm going to crash out now. The excitement begins again for me tomorrow at 2 and then it's cigarettes on Sunday. I'm a busy man. But I get the job done.

Snooch to da muthafuggin' nooch.

-The Shakir
Current Mood: accomplished

17th June 2003

11:13pm: Fuck you Potter.
As you might've seen, I modified the hell out of my journal. It's good when I do that, because it actually gets me back into updating it a little more frequently. But usually I don't like to update if there is nothing going on. Like JW said.. I don't want to make journal entries along the lines of, "Today I got up, used the bathroom. Ate fried eggs and toast and hung out with some friends." That's not interesting at all. Why fill space with shit that your probably not going to read? So if I am going to update hopefully I'll have some substance for each entry.

Maya, Heather, Harris, Will, Nick and I went into Maya's backyard (Which is Carytown) the other day to light up a couple of smokebombs that Will had. Both smoked out after like 5 seconds. A short thrill. Afterwards we went Plan 9 dumpster divin' and found some awesome 12 inch records that Plan 9 was just going to scrap.
The White Album, Help, Revolver, The Fat Boys, Prince & The Revolution, Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life and other awesome shit that they had no business throwing away.
I made sure to tell everyone... "If you find a Debarge album let me know." 1 minute later Maya yanks out none other than "Debarge: Rhythm of the night" I was like OH SHIT!!! I totally scored an awesome 80's 12-inch that I was looking for. Badass no doubt.

This friday I go into work at 6p.m. to work for the Harry Potter party... I don't get released until 2:30 a.m.

J.K. Rowling is a bitch.

Goddamn her imagination. I have to stay at that joint till 2:30 a.m. because she decided to wake up one morning and be creative. In the words of the immortal Timothy Salmon. "She's a CUNT, BITCH, DYKE"

I'm just talking out of my ass, I don't hate her "that much." But this shit does suck. After working that late on friday, I have to drag my ass back into the joint at around 2 the next afternoon and work all day again. My boss at Media Star wants me to work on Saturday too. And thats conflicting because of all of this Harry Potter mess. There's no way I can get that day off, and I mentioned that to him alot today. But he was still asking me to find out if I can get it off. That's like me going up to my B&N managers and asking them "Can I get Christmas Eve off?"
It ain't gonna happen. I wonder if these kids genuinely want to read these books because they like em, or if they're just reading them to beat their friends to the punch. Or not feel out of the loop. I'm not sure, I've only read the first book so I can't judge really. And I do hear that the first book is the dud in the series. Good, but not as good as the rest.

I'm getting really really pumped about the apartment. Only like a month and 2 weeks left to go before we move in. This joint will be letting ho's in the front door and throwing them off of the balcony via the back door because it's going to be pimping. My room is the only one without a door. But I'm gonna try to figure out something about that. It's a loft so I'm at the top of the building, I asked for it due to temperature reasons. I'm cold natured. Just the slightest gust of wind has me bundling up. So I figured it would make sense for me to take the hot room. I live in an upstairs bedroom right now. So I'm used to rockin' in Satan style without even having to turn on my A/C. We will be partying when we move in. Will's birthday is going to be not too much longer after we move in so that gives us an excuse to do it. This is going to be a slap in the face as far as reality goes. But I need it. It's time to break away. I'm 23 for Christ sake and I've lived at home all my life. This must be remedied.
A few things ain't gonna change though. As far as growing up goes. For example:

Playing videogames
Watching Cartoons
Going to Anime Conventions (I can't wait to see Becky, Vanessa, and Paigey at Otakon)
Reading Comic Books (Mostly Batman)
Eating kids cereal (i.e. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Cocoa Puffs)
Appreciating Boobs (I know that's an all ages type deal, but everytime I see a pair I treat it as if it's my first time.)
Movies: Like Tarzan, The Goonies, Labyrinth.
and hangin' out with my boys.

May we stay young forever.

Shoot me when I hit 70 please.
"Baa Baa Baa Baa Baa."

-The Shakir

6th June 2003

1:47pm: I've got work to do.
Man It's been about a month since I last updated this thing. I've been so busy with stuff that I just haven't had the time to really sit down and gather my thoughts and jot them down here. Well I've got a little time now before I gotta get ready for more ball bustin'.

I've been working so much lately. And whats funny about it is, that it's still not enough. I've been picking up extra hours at work whenever I can. I've got this month and next month to earn as much money as possible before we move in. I think I may make a pretty decent sum of money between now and then, but I need more.
I go into training for this job that I'm going to be doing temporarily today. I'm handing out cigarettes in bars and clubs. Really late. This will really cut into my chill time with everyone. Because when my shifts are over, I'm probably going to be too beat to hangout. The same will probably go for everyone else. I have to change my availability at B&N until this job is over. Shifts may start as early as 8 p.m. and run on through to 3 a.m.
If it wasn't $17 bones an hour, I wouldn't even dream about doing it. But the moneys too good to pass up.

So far this summer has been nothing but work and rain. That can bring a brother down a bit. The sun is shining today however.. ( I don't know for how long though.) And I am technically working today, so I can't cheer all that much.
I work in the cafe all day tomorrow. I don't mind working in the cafe at all. I'm just afraid of getting in peoples way. For the most part I understand how to prepare hot espresso drinks. Frappucino's are the 2nd hardest where as possibly the iced espresso drinks is the hardest for me when they should be the easiest. Mainly because I'm still not clear on the order of steps in creating them. I should take home a study sheet or something if possible. (Lo-lo is going to be so fed up with me tomorrow.)

Damn, I should go though...

And start getting ready. I'll try my best to update later.

-The Shakir.
Current Mood: busy

6th May 2003

9:19am: What does it all mean?
I've been having these really scary dreams as of late. Morbid, almost ominous ones.
Almost every single one of them has to do with me witnessing a commercial airplane crash, very closely. Like they're almost landing on me. It's strange. One of them scared the shit out of me one night. I was in NY in my Dads apartment laying down on the couch in the living room. I hear an ear-drum piercing engine roar outside. I take a look out of my window to see a huge 747 nosedive right past me. It hits the ground and explodes like a megaton bomb knocking me to the ground. The building shakes and I'm freaking the hell out. My Dad comes into the room and ask "What the hell was that." I couldn't even tell him, I couldn't speak. Words just came out as exhausted pants and jibberish. The dream ends there. I had another with me at a beach witnessing several commercial planes plummet to an exploding halt when they hit the water. One of the first plane crash dreams I had. I was actually on the plane. The plane took off from a very unusual runway. It was like a ramp. More strangely, it was a street ramp. There were cars and buildings below us. When it reached the incline instead of going up it went straight down, and my plane is going down this narrow street running over cars, women, and children before it crashes nose first into a building. Luckily, the plane didn't blow up. And I live. I remember getting out of the plane and going to a grocery store to call my dad and seeing that newspapers amazingly already had the story on the front page and on sale. That pissed me off.
I don't know if these dreams are delayed products of the events that took place on September 11th. That's probably the easiest explaination. I think it's more than that though. I'm not saying I'm psychic or anything, far from that. I find alot of that stuff silly. I just have this wierd feeling about them.
Last night I dreamt that I was hanging out with Sarah Deal like hours before she died. I knew it was going to happen and I couldn't tell her. I wasn't sure if when the moment came, I'd be able to intervene or just watch. That much felt horrible. That dream ended before it got that far thank God. When I woke up I couldn't really get back to sleep. It sucked.

Can anyone interpret these damn dreams for me. Or at least tell me what you think. I don't get em. Why so suddenly and so consecutively? Any insight would be much appreciated.

-The Shakir
Current Mood: confused

3rd May 2003

12:58am: Game Pieces Do Not Actually Talk.
Quizzes, I take quizzes, I take lots and lots of quizzes....

Hee hee, I like this one:
cooler than the fonz!
I'm just a cool person. People like me.

Why do people read your Livejournal?
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Damn straight.


the famed master of black magic.

"efficient"; funny-looking; intelligent
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

"Strip away the ground with glistening blades. Bolt!"

Rizo Bushin-ryu..

Which Street Fighter are you?
Test by Nathan

You are Ursula the Seawitch from The Little
Mermaid. An old crone that wants the kingdom of
Atlantis to herself.

What Disney Villain are You?
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Sure, why not.

you are, Derek "Stormy" Waters. All
around good-looking handsome idiot.

What Sealab 2021 character are you most like?
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East Siiiiiide.

You're JHONEN VASQUEZ! You are the creator! But who
gives a crap? (thousands of screamy fan girls?)
In real life you're just a regular person with
a brilliant mind and a talent for art. but in
comics, YOU ARE SUPREME!! You can have powers
like Superman, or suit up in your Happy Noodle
Boy armor to battle Hell-Fans. But thats not
all! You're also a very nice person! Isn't that

Which Famous Jhonen Vasquez mini comic character are you?
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That's pretty damn cool.

Time for bed, cartoons in the morning, manhattan in the afternoon.
Current Mood: peaceful

27th April 2003

10:20pm: Another dream.
I had this wierd dream today when I was napping earlier. It started with me at this party talking to some people that I've never met before. There's a back patio and I decide to see whats going on there. I look out and there are a bunch of drunk frat boys fuckin' each other. Straight up ass bangin' out the wazoo. I turn back to the party and then I'm surrounded by drunken frat boys loving each other. For some reason it was understood to me that these guys weren't gay, Just really fuckin' drunk.
All I could think to myself was "I gotta get outta here." And the dream ended there before I could find out what happened. OH GOD.
Current Mood: scared

22nd April 2003

1:17am: Is it true?.. Yeah.. It's true.
Click here to take the great One Piece personality test!

Current Mood: amused

20th April 2003

11:28pm: BOMB
Man last night was sooo much fuckin' fun.
Jess picked me up and we headed by Robin's to have a mini-party thing to celebrate his 22nd birthday. 2 of His friends from Northern Virginia Gethen and Christina were there.
We all hit it off almost immediately. They were really cool cats. At first things started off slow because we couldn't really think of anything to do. I was just munchin' down on this new fresh box of Oatmeal Creme Pies that Robin bought which was pretty cool to me. To remedy the stillness of things Christina popped in the soundtrack to Grease and I was like "Awww shit girl, you rock me some Grease Lightning and it's on." She does so and then the festivities were officially underway. We were dancing hardcore and shit to John Travolta and his crew. It was pretty badass. Shortly there afterward Heather and Maya show up and we all are dancing to Grease. Christina goes back to the CD booklet and I'm looking in also and then I peep "The Immaculate Collection" And I'm like "Ummm, do you mind Rockin' that?"
And she looks at me all surprised like "Are you serious." I'm like "Madonna's my girl."
And she's like "Oh shit!" And immediately pops it on. And we're both singing "Live to Tell." It was beautious. She rocks "Vogue" because it's her favorite. And Christina, Heather, Maya and I we're dancing and voguing and singing along. It was so tight.
Dubs, Lauren, and Rob show up soon afterward, and we all freaked out. JW rocked Journey which had him and Rob on their feet. Then JW mentioned that he had Cyndi Lauper in Laurens car and Christina was like "Get it!" So we go grab the CD and we're rockin' to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." "Time After Time" and "All Through the Night." Everbody had no choice but to dance to Cyndi. Good times. Jessica was being all anti-social so me and Robin decide to change that by cornering her and getting freaky on her hips. Funny needless to say. I think Heather got a picture of that.
Then The Prodigy "Fat of the Land" was put on and we're all gettin' down to Breathe and Firestarter and Smack my Bitch up.
The party closed with JW and I doing "Hybrid Moments" for everyone. Man I hadn't had that much fun in a while.

It was a glorious time.

-The Shakir
Current Mood: bouncy

16th April 2003

5:43am: This used to be real-estate now it's only fields and trees.
I'm feeling really good now. I'm feeling better than I have been lately. I didn't get a drop of sleep last night and I had to be at work at the crack of dawn. Still didn't sour my mood though. I was really close to calling in too. But then I remembered that I had 2 movies due back into blockbuster today. 1 of which was already late, so that was my motivation to get my lazy ass outta bed.
But yeah anyway, good times it seems. I feel real refreshed as if something good is in store for me. I'm kinda psyched to see the big picture. I'm sure some of the credit of all of these good feelings belongs to Lauren and Lynsey. Sharing Ben Folds with me. It was badass time. He puts on an enjoyable show. It kinda hurt cause we were all staring like almost directly into the sun to see the guy. I probably burned a few cones and rods.
But it was worth the near blinding. He drueled alot, which was appreciated. Like streams of saliva would randomly just sploosh out of his mouth. It was quite the sight. But I digress... Thank you Lynsey and Lauren for a wonderful time once again. You girls rock.

I'm lazyin' at home now.
It feels good just chillin' out and listening to music. Although I could've went with Harris to go rescue Dubs afterall. I feel bad about that.

I have the next 3 days off from work. Which is kinda cool. I'm looking forward to relaxing. I'm not that sure what I'm going to be doing but I'll figure something out. I really want to spend some time outside. I wanna go somewhere. Maybe Bandy field. Everytime we've tried to plan a trip there something would always come up. I dunno. If not Bandy field then somewhere. I want to go far.

I know people judge me. Constantly. It's not even me being self-conscious it happens all the time. It's obvious. It used to bother me before. But now I can't really care about stuff like that. I can't live my life to please others. I've tried. And I feel bad when I can't live up to someone elses expectations of me. So why bother? My situation isn't average. I know that. But I'm taking my time to figure out what I want exactly. That goes for Working, Living, Relationships.
I know I don't have much to show for in either department. But regardless I am grateful.
My Job does annoy me sometimes. But really that's what they are for. There are times where it can be really rewarding.
I'm currently living at home, but that'll be changing soon when Dubs, Harris, Will J. and I get our place.
I'm single and surprisingly I'm more than fine with that right now. Relationships are too unstable. And can be a distraction. There are other things higher on the priority list right now.
It may seem like I don't have much, but the way I see it I really do have alot.
So those of you who are always judging. Just keep on with it. Fuck you I'm happy.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After a break with friends.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Just came back from Robins place, chillin' with him, Harris, Will, Dubs, and Jeannie.
It was chill, we brought by all of this food and chowed. It was pretty cool. Dubs put me on to this barbecue rib jammy thats made by Gardenburger that I swear is real meat. The shit was so perfect it was scary. I got more veggie shit to blow loot on now.. yipee.
Robin showed me "Dude, Where's My Car?" for the first time...........
My God.. Watching it was like taking a blow to the head from a sledgehammer. It was funny, yeah. But I feel so much dumber now. I don't think I can do that one again. At least not for a while.

Dubs, Will, and I maybe going to check out a joint tomorrow. That'll be slick. We want to get this shit in gear now. This joint will be so pimpin' it's gonna hurt.
Whatever place we get one thing is certain, as soon as we step foot in the joint we are all going to keel over from blue balls.

Its funny to think that Will is going to be living in a joint with 3 other vegetarians.
Whenever he wants to he can insure his food to not getting eaten by fillin' up the fridge with meat. Making us other guys go "Grrrrr" While wrasslin' over the last Boca pattie. Ooooh I can't wait!

Boca, Blue Balls, Badass.

"Come on Baby!"

Current Mood: happy

4th April 2003

12:15am: All will become one.
It's been a little while, and there has been bullshit since the last time I updated this thing. I wont get into it. People are doing good after the bullshit now. We're all getting stronger after it. Bonds are tightening and thats the way it should be. The Dhali Lama says one of the best methods of achieving happiness is to cultivate that which you know is positive in your life and at the same time eliminating that which is negative. That way you'll be surrounded by those which you are grateful for and you'll be one step closer to nirvana. I guess that's been happening to all of us without us even trying to do it.
Thats good. Because I can tell now that we are all having good times.
I treasure my friends and their well being. I'll do anything for them.

Last night Robin, Heather, Jeff, Maya, Jeannie and I went to Have a nice day.
It was hard to dance, way too crowded. Normally I wouldn't enjoy myself. But I was with my peeps so it was still greatness. Afterward we went to Heathers and talked about some of the stuff going on. We look out for each other. People may get on Robin because he talks loudly. Yes, his voice fuckin' carries.. far. However if you listen sometimes, when we aren't joking around, he can really say the some of the best things. He makes sense of somethings, he's impartial and I respect that. He's very smart and I do admire him. Heather is a sweetheart. Like Robin she's a lover not a fighter. She tries to avoid drama and shes usually flocking around the fun. Kinda reminiscent of Harris. I enjoy every moment she's around. Jeannie has a big heart. The bigger the heart the bigger the heartbreak. So I can't forgive anyone who tries to do that to her. She has alot of love to give. And she's willing to share it with anyone. I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

Right now Harris, Robin, Jeannie, Pat, and I are at Robins enjoying each others company. The good times are still rolling and we're gonna ride this wave out as long as we can. I love all of you guys. You know it.

Cheers to my friends now and forever.

-The Shakir
Current Mood: grateful

24th March 2003

12:51pm: Snubbed again.
Yeah, so the Oscars were last night.

Jeannie picked me up and we went to Maya's joint to watch it. Nick was there which was cool cause I haven't seen him in a while. (That dude cracks me up.) And Maya made a delicious dinner for us.. It was really nice.

My over feelings of the Oscars though..

It was pretty cool. Steve Martin was funny as usual. And for the most part everybody came dressed really snazzy... Except Jennifer Lopez who looked like she was wearing something that wanted to be a tourquoise poncho but didn't quite make the cut.. It was pretty ugly. (I refuse to go out like Joan and Melissa Rivers though... No good bitches.)

But yeah... Best Director and Best Actor was claimed by "The Pianist"
I was so upset that "Gangs of New York" didn't get at least one. Especially, Scorcese because he deserves an Oscar so much. He's such a brilliant director.
Now granted I haven't seen "The Pianist" yet. I hope to see it today. But after getting out of Gangs of New York nobody good tell me that there was a better actor this year than Daniel Day Lewis. He was really phenomenal.
I have to say though.. that Adrien Brody's acceptance speech was long, but absolutely great. One of the best, it was so honest and sincere. I'm sure alot of people were proud of him.

My comment on the Michael Moore thing.

Okay, I do agree with Michael. I believe this war is bullshit, and Bush is doing it to look better in the eyes of his fellow Americans. However, I agree with Lynsey when she said that the way he displayed it was uncalled for. It was pretty tacky. There's a time and a place to get all political and opiniated, and the Oscars just wasn't either.
He should've just thanked those who helped with the creation of the film and left.
But oh well. There has to be some sort of controversy right?

Gripe of the night: Eminem winning best song..... Beating out talents like U2 and Paul Simon. The Academy is buying into the bullshit hype that is Eminem now. I'm sorry I just can't see the corporate big-wigs of the Academy rockin' out to "Lose Yourself." That's a bunch of shite.

Finally, best picture: Chicago.. This movie made out like a bandit last night. Netting 6 oscars. I saw this movie, and it was fun. I really wanted Gangs of New York.. or LotR: Two Towers to walk away with it. But during the actually show when they replayed clips of the movie I realized how much I really enjoyed it. It did deserve best picture. (As well as the other 2) But I won't complain about Chicago getting it. It's really entertaining.

So it was a good night. And I had a blast. I can't wait till next year... Who knows, maybe "Return of the King" will win best picture. I think it may do it.

Later on,

And if I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

-The Shakir
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20th March 2003

11:19am: Dream Interpretation..
Here's a dream I had a couple of nights ago that was pretty cool, but wierd and creepy at the same time.

It starts off with me just standing in a culdesac. Nobody I know is around, just some kids who live in this neighborhood playing jump rope. I'm not familiar with the area at all, so I start running to get outta the joint. Right when I begin my sprint a bus comes out of fuckin' nowhere at an ungodly speed and hits me, killing me instantly. I'm fuckin' dead. After a minute of nothingness I see a white flash and I'm standing in the culdesac again as if nothing happened. The kids are still there, that hasn't changed, but this time Rob shows up to greet me. He ask me "What's up?" Like everything is all good. And I'm like "I'm cool." We strike up conversation and all of a sudden I get a vision of Rob dressed in a black suit, crying at my funeral. I start getting all worried.. It seems to me that after getting hit by this huge fuckin' bus and murdered, I was given a 2nd chance in a world that had no clue that it happened.
I also had the ability to check in on my friends and family in the world that made worms meat of me. So I'm seeing all these visions of my Mother, Sister, Father, Rob, JW, Lauren, all of my friends basically just breaking down at my funeral. And I want to tell this Rob in front of me... "Hey dude, I'm dead." But I'd know that would just make him look at me funny. Really can you go up to anybody and honestly say to them.. "Yo man, I'm dead" without receiving any wierd looks afterward?

So the dream basically ended with me being a little scared. Rob walking out of the culdesac with me.. And these visions of my friends living on without me.

Wierd eh?

"This street we walk upon, this corner full of piss and fear."

-The Shakir
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12th March 2003

11:45am: Its been a long time, shouldn't of left you.
Today is Michaels last day at the B&N. He got another job.
He was basically the only thing that was making the job tolerable. We would just talk about videogames till one of each others shifts ended. The times would just zoom on by.
Now the jobs going to get boring all over again. I'm happy for Michael though. It looks like things are going to start falling into place for him and his wife. (I.E. A house, and a little bundle of joy.)

I've been doing lots of things to keep me happy. (Thank you Amy for reminding me about that.) It's been a pretty chill week. A few days ago Heather, Sherina (Not sure if I spelled that right) and I were doing some swing dancing. It was fun. They were trying to teach me how to do some stuff. Honestly I made it look like square dance day in special-ed class. I was stunk. I kinda started to get the hang of somethings, but for the most part I was still going out like Corky.

Robin had a few people over his place to get some Street Fighter on. It was really chill. One of his friends had a Super Gun joystick. (The closest thing to having an arcade stick at home.) It felt so good in my hands, and I could execute my moves way better than any other stick I've played with. I want one. It was good times. Al the guys there were good and pretty chill. I'd do it again no doubt.

I've been getting my Initial D on... aww yeah. (anime about underground street racing in Japan.) I love that fuckin' show so much. I've got to share it with everyone. It's so damn good. It has 1 pro and 2 cons though.
The cons having nothing to do with the quality of the show itself.

Pro: It's the shit.

Con #1: Driving a car after watching it kinda gives me the urge to do stupid shit in the crappy '92 Protege'

Con #2: It makes me yearn for a car of my own even worse than usual.
I'll get one soon.. I just don't know how soon.

I'm going to D.C. this saturday night with Charleen and maybe Heather. We're going to see Scott Henry, this D.J. that Charleen digs alot. She's played me his stuff before and it's tight. More than likely we'll be crashing there for the night. I haven't been to a D.C. club in a minute. The last time was with Harris and Laurel.. That's how long ago its been.

Ramble, ramble, ramble... I need to start getting ready for work.. So I'll stop boring you here... but as a reward for stickin around this long....

Smurfette gettin' her freak on the dancefloor.

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5th March 2003

2:59am: Wisdom
Batman: "A philosopher once said, there are two kinds of men: The righteous who think they are sinners. And the sinners who think they are righteous."

Plastic Man: "What kind are we Bats?"

Batman: "Take your pick."

(Hardcore? Yeah... I think so.")
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27th February 2003

3:23am: Looks like wei'll be Rockin' Capcom vs. SNK 2 longer than we expected...
Hell, I'm not complaining...

But I just feel sorry for an old friend of ours......

We miss you Mike Haggar
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24th February 2003

4:10am: I'm getting frustrated.
When it rains, it pours....
There's alot of shit going on right now. Hitting me all at once and it sucks. The smallest of the things being money issues. I paid an outstanding bill for my old cell phone over a month ago by telephone. I receive a letter in the mail this past saturday saying that I still haven't paid and if I want a good standing I should pay it within 5 days of when the letter was noticed. The letter was noticed on the 11th... Saturday was the 22nd.

1. I already paid the fuckers.
2. Even if I didn't.. How the hell am I supposed to pay it on time if they send me the notice past the goddamn due date?

They're obviously trying to screw up my credit on purpose and I'm not havin' that.

The other shit is just upsetting. My grandmother (whom I lived with for the two years I was back in NY) is dying. She has cancer.. and she refuses to get it treated. She's sick of taking medication and going to the doctor and all that. She's basically accepting death. It sucks. She's only 82, not too-too old.
It's annoying having to hear my mother tell me to by a suit. I know she's dying, and that she's in a hospice and all. But it bothers me to hear people talk as if she's already dead. I guess the only reason why I'm not too broken up about it is the fact that she's content.
The last thing I'm not going to talk about. It still needs to dealt with and I don't know how long its gonna be before that happens. Shit more than likely will hit the fan.
Other things are just a bother.. Like Brent being angry with me and others. I can't worry my head with that. I have to focus on these family issues and this money situation. This all must be a test to see if I can achieve my new years resolution of "happiness" I'll try my best to keep my head up. Hopefully this'll be the darkest time of the year for me. *knock on wood*
Unfortunately I can see how it could be worse and I'm crossing my fingers that that shit doesn't happen. Work begins again on tuesday morning so I gotta prepare for the bullshit. The worst part of a vacation is the last day... cause your just dreading work. You're not enjoying it at all. So it's basically like you're already there. I can already see myself behind the register pushing fuckin' buttons, gettin' shit from some old bitty because her order of "The Secrets of Menopause" hasn't arrived yet.
I've gotta suck it up. Theres nothing that can be done about that currently.

Street Fighter and Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be great right now.
Theres a little black spot on the sun today.

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21st February 2003

6:02pm: Ohhhh Mama!
I think I'm in love.

She&apos;s 1 in a Million Girls

20th February 2003

6:19am: What a weekend.
I had right about the most chill weekend of all.

Katsucon was a blast. I had tons of fun. I'll never forget it. Me, Harris, Will Jones, and Robin left Friday afternoon and arrived around 2ish. The fanboys were all over the place. Lots of great costumes for a change, people are starting to get the idea it seems. We hooked up with Becky, Vanessa, Sal, and Marshall Ma. It was good to see all of them. I haven't seen any of em in a dogs age. You probably already heard about the Street Fighter tournament outcome from Harris. While we were eating Pizza Hut. Robin was destroying people in the game. He won. Amazing. He won the Street Fighter tourney along with 2 others. I'm happy he did. He's really good at it.
I took lots of pictures of costumes before I noticed a theme.... This whole convention was flooded with boobage.. Cleavage and Zongas out the wazoo. So I said "Fuck it" and just started taking pictures of jugs. I'll post what I can so you can see what I mean.
We officially dubbed it "Tittycon 2003" after the second day.. yeah it was that bad.
On Saturday we hooked up with Will Watkins and did the dealer room thing... I blew alot of money on lots of cool stuff for my room. Mostly One Piece stuff.. I bought gifts for people too. I'm sure they'll appreciate em. Sunday was interesting... The big snow storm hit us while we were sleeping. It hit us so hard that we couldn't even think about leaving. So we were there for another 2 days. But being snowed in with Harris, Will, Robin and the NY crew was terrific. They really helped me get my mind off things. We went to see Daredevil, and to my surprise it wasn't half bad. Affleck did a pretty good job. It did have it's corny catch phrases.. but for the most part it was a decent flick. Afterward we all went to IHOP and feasted. It was Becky's first time at IHOP and she really enjoyed it. The night ended with a cheers for the good times. We all were really happy I think. Although the snow prevented me and Harris from going to NY. I think we are still satisfied with the way things turned out. We weren't even sure where exactly we were going to stay anyway.
I'm looking forward to Otakon now.. appearantly its set for August 8 -10th in Baltimore. Once again at the Inner Harbors Convention Center. Hopefully others will be able to come along and join up and experience the fun. I now understand why I love these things so much. It has nothing to do with whats going on at the convention. It's just being together with my friends and having a hell of a time.
Thats really what it's all about.
I thank God for all of you guys.

Daisuki na tomodachitachi.

Arigatou mina.

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6th February 2003

2:31pm: Echinacea = Senzu

Man I feel so much better now! After 1 day of taking the echinacea and vitamin C. My sore throat dissapeared. It started becoming sinus issues, but that's fading now. My only problem now is a random stuffy nose, but that should be gone completely very soon if the recovery pace keeps up. Man this stuff is great.
Tomorrow I'll be dressing up again. I'm going to be Biscuit the puppy.

click on this to see what the mutt looks like...


Good times.
Maybe if the kids come up to pet my nose I can get a few hits in on em...
It's going to be a long day though. I should rest early tonight.

Katsucon is only 8 days away... that means the Street Fighter tournament is only 8 days away. I have alot a practicing ahead of me. Me and Harris started last night, there were some really good matches, but ultimately we were off our usual game. I've got a lot of tricks to learn before the tournament. I'm still really pumped. If I don't get taken out in the first round I'll be happy. But if I do get retired in the first round.. I should still be fine I wont let it bother me. I know I would've tried my best. I know I sound like an after school special but I'm serious.

"Teenaged suicide.. Don't do it."

Current Mood: rejuvenated
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